A note from Carli — 

The "CMM" collection, named after myself (hi), represents the value of perseverance. These frames are more than just the next trend, they are windows to the outside world - a world of inspiration and motivation to push through obstacles and create something greater than yourself. 

To say the last few months were rough is an understatement. I felt defeated, comparison was at an all time high, and every morning I'd wake up to bad news already in my inbox. For someone who preaches about positivity and confidence, it felt like I was losing my identity.

Designing this collection made me hone in on things I could control. I put all my attention and energy into who I really was and everything I embody as a woman and a founder - creating sunglasses that make you feel bossy, confident, dress em’ up, dress em’ down, and of course, all neutrals that you can pair with everything. 

My hope for this collection is to remind you all that you're capable of. Every pair features a special angel number that signifies a deeper meaning and inspirational message for when you need it the most. 

 Always here for you, bestie.  X, Carli Maryssa Mink, Founder